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Spaarnedroom Apartments, at home in Haarlem

We think Haarlem is a wonderful city. A perfect mix of culture and nature. Close to the North Sea beaches, Amsterdam, the Bollenstreek, National Park Zuid-Kennemerland and Keukenhof. It is half an hour by bike to the dunes and the beach and by train it is 11 minutes to Zandvoort.
From Haarlem station (1 km from the Spaarnedroom Apartments) you also have a direct connection to Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Leiden and The Hague.
Schiphol Airport is 25 minutes by car and is also very easy to reach by bus.

Haarlem ... stroll through the Saturday Market h et Spaarne Jopen Beer on the terrace

specialty shops and specialty stores
Liberation doll   the pentagon Spaarnedroom Apartments

Schouwburg T oneelschuur Philharmonie swinging in the Patronaat   restaurants Haarlem Jazz

picnic in the Wood ...   relax !

Dining out? We are happy to tell you our favorites and can of course also reserve a table for you.

Museums, mills and courtyards

Admiring old masters in the Frans Halsmuseum or rather discovering current talent in the Vishal, Haarlem has a museum or gallery for every preference. Wander through the oval hall of the Teylers or visit Het Dolhuys, the museum of psychiatry. Climb windmill de Adriaan or St. Bavo or discover the Corrie ten Boomhuis. And not to be missed, take a walk along the hidden courtyards! All within walking distance of your Spaarnedroom Apartment!

Just outside Haarlem is Molen de Zandhaas (where flour is still ground and sold) and the Cruquius pumping station, the largest steam engine in the world and the draining vessel of the Haarlemmermeer.

Zandvoort and Bloemendaal

The North Sea beaches are 8 km by bike from Spaarnedroom Apartments, with many different beach bars. Hip & hot, luxurious, familiar, FKK, ordinary and cozy, it is all there. A few pavilions will remain open from October to March!
Horseback riding Kiting Supping Yoga

Kite surfing   Walking along the high tide mark

Building sandcastles Search for shells

Eat with your feet in the sand Dance parties Hot chocolate with whipped cream

Sunbathing on a bed Lounging in the sun

Haarlem City of flowers
The floats of the Flower Parade in Haarlem can be seen every spring. In 2018, the vehicles with the theme culture will arrive on April 21 around 9.30 p.m. and can then also be admired in Haarlem center on April 22.
Just around the corner from the Spaarnedroom Apartments!

For the bulb fields you have to cycle for half an hour, towards Vogelenzang and the Zilk. Depending on the weather, daffodils, hyacinths and tulips flower successively from March to May. All kinds of bulb flowers can be seen in Keukenhof from 22 March to 13 May 2018.

Spaarne, Mooi Nel and Ringvaart

Board a tour boat and discover the city from the water. Book a saloon boat and let yourself be sailed or rent a whisper sloop or motor boat and be the captain yourself.

Sail towards Spaarndam, the Molenplas or take a tour on the city canals of Haarlem. And there are plenty of options along the way to lay out at a nice terrace! We have sailing routes available for our guests.

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